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Catering well engineered safety products and consultancy services to avoid accidents during work.....

An Introduction

Safety of life comes first followed by safety of job and property. Accidents occur partly due to negligence and due to non-availability of appropriate Industrial Safety Equipment and accessories. The negligence part can be well corrected by availing the value added consultancy services offered by Kalzem International, besides a gamut of well engineered safety products and accessories. Kalzem International is a well recognized manufacturer and trader of all types of Industrial Safety Equipment for industrial and personal usage.

The company is also a renowned and experienced service provider, successfully operating since 1986. Our wide product gallery includes Face Shields, Helmets, Goggles, Ear Guards, Matty Cloth Masks, Dust or Fume Masks, Leather Gloves, PVC Aprons, PVC Suits, and allied safety accessories. We can produce safety equipment and accessories as per the requirements of the clients. Our name in the industry is reckoned with when it comes to high quality safety products and safety consultancy services coupled with reasonable price tag and prompt delivery system.

Product Range

Kalzem International manufactures and trades a range of advanced Industrial Safety Equipment and accessories which are effective even under extreme conditions of fire and temperature. We design and develop various types of:

  • Head Protection:- HDPE Helmets, Welding Helmets, Welding Head Screen, Rachet Head Gear, Pin Hole Head Gear, etc.
  • Face Protection:- Face Shields, Wire Mesh Face Guard, etc.
  • Eye Protection:- Goggles, Welding Goggles, Bocal Goggles, Rubber Gastight Goggles, Rubber Spec-Goggles, Flexifit Goggles, etc.
  • Ear Protection:- Ear Guards, Ear Muff, Targo Foldable, Ear Plugs, Hear Guard, etc.
  • Respiratory Protection:- Matty Cloth Masks, Dust or Fume Masks, Gas Masks, etc.
  • Hand Protection:- Leather Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Asbestos Gloves, Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves, etc.
  • Industrial Garments:- PVC Aprons, PVC Suits, Boiler Suits, Pressure Suits, Rubber Aprons, etc.
  • Foot Protection
  • Fall Protection
  • Safety Signs
  • High Temperature Textiles
  • Special Hazards
  • Gas Detectors & Monitors
  • Tool Belts
  • Fire Safety Equipments
  • Accessories:- Eye Wash Fountain & Shower, Barricading Tape, Barricade Pole & Chain, 3M Maintenance Sorbents, etc.

Services Offered
  • Safety Consultancy Services.

Latest Trade Offers
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